Finding and Eliminating Threats on Your Network


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MDR is a comprehensive cyber security process where Clearnetwork engineers use advanced monitoring technology to collect data on, analyze, and respond to threats on your network. When a threat is identified an actionable report is compiled, its presence is escalated to your staff, and with Clearnetwork’s assistance it is completely removed from your network.

The MDR process is highly flexible. It utilizes both active and passive detection techniques run from a custom curated technology stack. It can include different combinations of Intrusion Detection Sensors (IDS), management consoles, log analyzers, and other threat monitoring devices deployed right on your network or in the cloud. Novel attacks can easily be identified in context by heuristic and statistical analysis tools.

Clearnetwork offers two complementary MDR services: CloudSOC and NetworkMDR.

Managed Detection and Response streamlines your entire approach to network security. It closes the gap between perimeter and endpoint protections, and due to its unique analytical approach, is able to combat both external attackers and internal risk behavior alike.

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MDR Concepts You Need to Know:

Threat Indicators

Indicators are the various outputs of cloud-based logging agents or sensors sitting on your network. They can be any piece of data that singles out network traffic as suspicious. MDR analytic tools seek to assess indicators in context, determining their importance based on derived threat values.

For example, a high value indicator might be a connection identified between one of your assets and a server in an overseas territory such as Russia or China. Or an ICMP traffic spike at 2:00am when your business is closed.


Clearnetwork engineers use threat indicators to run analyses and generate warnings. Warnings come to you in the form of reports and action plans that let you respond to threats.

The unique skillset and experience needed to properly assess threat indicators, determine their legitimacy, and formulate response plans is beyond the reach of many organizations. By providing MDR solutions as a service Clearnetwork is able to deliver high-quality human expertise and SOC-level service to each and every client.

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MDR fills a different but complementary role to traditional Managed Security Services (MSS) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).


SIEM is a reactive process. Software agents collect log data on network activity for analysis. Anomalies are identified and passed to engineers for further examination. SIEM tools are in fact part of MDR strategies, but they are integrated with sensor monitoring, threat analytics, and human expertise to create a proactive security process.


MSS includes management operations for some or all of a business’s security systems. This can include endpoint protection, server management, log monitoring, and vulnerability scanning. MSS covers a broader range of security functions, but is more reactive than MDR.


The correct mix of MDR, MSS, and SIEM services is going to vary business to business based on their specific regulatory burdens, market concerns, and individual network threat profiles. Taking a blended approach when selecting security services has the potential to deliver the highest level of safety.

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Why Choose MDR Services

Managed Detection and Response fills the gap left between reactive security practices like perimeter defense and endpoint protection. Its proactive approach unites these other practices to deliver a total network security program for your business.

Clearnetwork keeps your business ahead of the latest threats. It puts a full suite of SOC resources right on your network, or in the cloud, both supported by on-demand access to industry-leading security experts.


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Looking for expert security monitoring of all data (including full packets) traversing your network? Our NetworkMDR service is what you need.

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